The Vault escape room

Secret Agent IQ has been captured by the enemy! Intel suggests that he is being held captive against his will – bound, gagged and confined deep inside a vault somewhere in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. There has been no traceable communication or ransom demand from his captors as of yet but luckily, Agent IQ did manage to leave behind some clues that will lead a rescue team to his exact location. Fearing for his life if caught, he was forced to cleverly hide and disguise these clues so that his captors would be none the wiser to the trail that he was leaving behind for his rescuers to follow.  Secret Agent has managed to leave behind all of the clues that you will need to discover the exact whereabouts of the vault in which he is being held captive, and to break him free from his captors.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into the vault and escape with Agent IQ. You will need to follow your instinct, intuition and attention to detail in order to locate clues, decipher riddles and solve puzzles that will reveal all of the information that is needed to save him.  You will have to hurry, though — there is only a 60-minute window for the rescue!  Book your escape room adventure now and bring forth your best detective skills to help rescue Agent IQ from The Vault.  Good Luck!


The Alcatraz theme was very well thought out and-and after a short briefing of the rules and laying of the settings, our group was in for an intense ride.

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Had so much fun staff was awesome. and the room was fun!

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