Dr Brown's Manor escape room

Our dear, eccentric inventor, Dr. Brown, desperately needs your help! He has not been heard from in seven days now.  He was last seen in his manor, furiously working on his time machine invention and shouting excitedly that he was on the brink of discovering time travel.  No one knows if he has been kidnapped and is being held against his will by miscreants who seek to steal his invention, or if while working on his time travel machine, he accidentally transported himself into a different era.  Whether his disappearance was criminal or accidental in nature, the mystery of Dr. Brown’s disappearance needs to be solved so he can be safely returned home to his manor and share his time travel machine with the world. You will need to break into his manor and find out what happened to him, but you must be swift and careful though.   A bit of a mad scientist with a propensity toward paranoia, Dr. Brown has rigged his entire home to self-destruct.  The moment you enter, an alarm will be triggered and the countdown will begin.  You will have only 60 minutes to locate clues, decipher riddles and solve puzzles that will reveal the mystery of his disappearance.  Everything that is needed to solve the mystery of his disappearance is located inside the manor, but time is of the essence!  Do you and your team mates have what it takes to find Dr Brown and bring him home to his manor? Book your escape room experience now and come join in on the fun and adventure!


The Alcatraz theme was very well thought out and-and after a short briefing of the rules and laying of the settings, our group was in for an intense ride.

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Had so much fun staff was awesome. and the room was fun!

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