Alcatraz escape room

Faced with a life sentence for a crime that you didn’t commit, you want nothing more than to break free from your wrongful imprisonment within these walls of Alcatraz. This fearsome fortress is notoriously inescapable, but you simply must break out of here before these inhumane conditions drive you completely insane.  With armed guards stationed right outside your cell door, an escape seems hopelessly impossible.  Then suddenly, an alarm sounds throughout the prison and the guards run feverishly past your door toward the next cell block.  It seems a riot has unexpectedly broken out in the adjacent corridor and all of the prison guards have been dispersed to the scene of the riot to restore law and order.  As you sit in your locked cell, you realize that this may be your only chance to break free while the guards are distracted.  Now is the time but you must act swiftly, before the guards return, or your opportunity for freedom and sanity may be lost forever.  You have no help from anyone on the outside, no phone, and no internet to aid in your attempt at freedom.  You, with the help of the other inmates, will have to plan your escape using only the resources that are available within your prison cell.  Everything that you need to escape is located within the room, but you will have just 1 hour before the guards return and foil your plan.  You and the other inmates will have to use your limited time wisely and work together to locate clues, solve puzzles and decipher riddles that will reveal the secrets of the room and allow you to break free from this wrongful imprisonment.  Keep in mind that in its 29 years of operation, only 3 inmates are believed to have successfully escaped.  Book your Alcatraz Escape Room adventure now and see if you have what it takes to make it out of “The Rock”!


The Alcatraz theme was very well thought out and-and after a short briefing of the rules and laying of the settings, our group was in for an intense ride.

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Had so much fun staff was awesome. and the room was fun!

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