Alcatraz escape room


Imprisoned in Alcatraz and driven almost insane with the inhumane conditions, you want nothing more than to break free from this fearsome fortress.

Success Rate: 33%      Max. Players: 10

THE VAULT escape room

The Vault

Secret Agent IQ has been captured! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into the vault and safely escape with Agent IQ.

Success Rate: 32%      Max. Players: 10

Dr Brown's Manor escape room

Dr. Brown’s Manor

Dr. Brown is missing! You will only have 60 minutes to find him before the before the entire manor self-destructs. Time is of the essence!

Success Rate: 4%      Max. Players: 8



The Escape Game

Our rooms are totally safe, and they’re not scary per se. Yes, there are moments when the game gets exciting, but nothing scary ever happens.

Our goal is to engage the mind and make you think – not to scare you. (This is not a haunted house!) There’s always an emergency exit that you can use to leave the room if you don’t feel comfortable inside.

There will be no actors in the chamber escapes. Nobody will touch you at any time. The rooms are not even very small – they can accommodate 8 to 10 people comfortably (even more). However, if you have a severe case of claustrophobia, then we recommend that you avoid playing the game. Also, you cannot carry your cell phone with you while you are playing the game. Remember, you’re playing to test your mind power, not Google’s! Other than that – we’re just awesome!

Everybody who has been in our  rooms endorses us with the zeal of an evangelist. They keep recommending us to their friends, co-workers, and families and buy loads of gift vouchers. So we must be doing something right!

Do you have the IQ level to break free from our rooms? Book a session to find out! It’s your mind versus the clock!

The Alcatraz theme was very well thought out and-and after a short briefing of the rules and laying of the settings, our group was in for an intense ride.

From our Facebook

Had so much fun staff was awesome. and the room was fun!

From Facebook