Here are some frequently asked questions about Escape Room adventures. Please contact us if you have more questions about our escape room bookings or would like to discuss the questions below. We can also arrange group bookings, special events and parties. If you are not able to provide online reservations now please call us for your bookings and we will place your order for you.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the room. To be the best escape room in Los Angeles we want YOUR problem solving abilities, not Google's or Siri's
You have 60 min to solve the clues and escape from the room. Please arrive 15 minutes early to be briefed. Be aware that Los Angeles traffic can cause major delay during rush hour especially
Please book all the tickets for your specified time so that others won’t join you. If it is not possible to book all spots in the time slot for your room adventure, it means other escapees have already reserved 1 or more tickets for that time.
The escape game runs for only one hour. Next escapees will be put in the room immediately after the hour is up. Running late will deduct crucial minutes off your time needed for success! When navigating LA streets and the traffic nearby, we advise that you arrive early.