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Escape Room Games are the newest craze here to stay….

exit gameTHE EXIT GAME

EscapeIQ provides the ultimate immersive entertainment and escape the room experience. Players are locked in a room and must uncover clues, decipher puzzles and work as a team to break out of the room in 60 minutes.

time running out escape roomTIME IS RUNNING OUT

Participants will have 1 hour to escape the room. Can you beat the clock? Do you have what it takes to be a survivor of such adventure?

team building escape roomsTEAM BUILDING

EscapeIQ is a great team building activity. It is perfect for coworkers, friends, families, clubs, schools or any other groups. Teamwork is crucial to successfully escape the room. 

party time escapeSPECIAL EVENTS

EscapeIQ is the perfect place to host your private Room Escape event. We can cater to birthday parties, corporate events and any other special occasion you may have.

The Escape Rooms



Imprisoned in Alcatraz and driven almost insane with the inhumane conditions, you want nothing more than to break free from this fearsome fortress. 

Success Rate: 33%          Max. Players: 10


The Vault

Secret Agent IQ has been captured! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into the vault and escape with Agent IQ. 

Success Rate: 32%          Max. Players: 10


Dr. Brown’s Manor

Dr. Brown is missing! You will only have 60 minutes to find him before the before the entire manor self-destructs. Time is of the essence!

Success Rate: 4%         Max. Players: 8



Here are ten reasons why our escape room is way better than your average get-together or dinner and movie routine!

1) It’s unconventional! – There’s something fascinating about exit rooms that appeals to people’s innate curiosity. Human beings are natural problem solvers. However, as of today, we have become very passive. Our idea of sports is watching football on TV or playing video games! Most of don’t create music or any form of art – we simply listen to it or buy it. You get the idea!

Exit rooms are unconventional, and they enable you to embark on a thrilling experience wherein you are required to engage your mind actively. Beats looking at screens any day!

2) Bonding experiences – If you are in LA and want to have a memorable, exciting date, skip the ubiquitous bars and head over to our rooms to escape. It’s a great way to surprise your partner and bond with them pleasantly. It gives you a chance to do something unique together instead of gossiping and drinking at the bar!

3) Weatherproof – Weather cannot spoil your evening! Thankfully, Southern California has been blessed with excellent weather almost all year round. However, if it’s raining or just too hot to spend time outside, you don’t necessarily have to binge watch movies at home or go to the mall and buy stuff that you don’t need! At EscapeIQ, you can spend time doing something constructive.

4) Detective experience -LA is the epicenter of cinema! In an exit room, YOU can be a real life Indiana Jones, James Bond or Sherlock Holmes – if only for a little while. Can you think fast under pressure? Do you have what it takes to be a survivor? Put your skills to the test at our adventure! It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that’ll exhilarate and captivate you.

5) Stress Reliever – For one hour, you’ll forget that the world exists. You’ll forget all about your problems and enter a carefree, child-like state. If you do manage to solve the puzzle and break out, you will experience a genuine sense of elation and achievement. Many people who’ve been in an exit room say that it is a kind of therapy that relaxes and focuses the mind.

6) Strengthen Concentration – If you don’t make it out in time, you’ll be raring to go again. You’ll concentrate much harder and pay close attention. In this regard, the experience can help you to develop your analytical thinking power.

7) Team building booster! – While trying to solve the puzzles, you’ll be required to co-ordinate with your co-participant(s). This is an excellent opportunity to learn some life skills such as teamwork, leadership, etc. If you manage to remain calm and peaceful, you’ll have a great chance of exiting in time. However, if you try to prove that you are more intelligent or that others should listen only to you, you’ll probably waste precious time arguing and then, you’ll all be doomed (not really, though).

While you are looking for clues, you have to keep your wits about you. If you have a certain theory, you have to convince others to let you lead while still being open to suggestions. Also, if you feel that somebody else has a better theory, you have not to make it an ego-battle. The goal is to get out before the time runs out! If you are a business owner or manager and want to have a fun exercise with your employees, just give us a ring, and we’ll organize a special escape room event for you. We regularly arrange events for corporate teams!

8) Party Fun – It’s also perfect for birthday parties and get-togethers. Conventional parties involve the same old boring stuff – food, half-hearted dancing and booze! Almost every birthday party you have ever attended involves the same things. Even the birthday wishes are similar! Add some mystery, trepidation, and drama to your event – invite your guests. We’ll customize everything to your tastes – call us to discuss all the details. We promise that your guests won’t stop raving about your fabulous party!

9) All ages – Many adventure-themed activities are not suitable for kids or older people. However, our rooms are suitable for almost everyone (kids below 16 should be accompanied by an adult and need to sign a waiver). Adventure activities can often be dangerous – there’s actual risk of physical injury (paragliding, motorsport, surfing, etc.). Our games are thrilling, but there’s virtually zero chance of damage (You still need to sign a waiver though). Enjoy in a safe and protected environment!

10) Great Gifts – Wondering what gift to give to a loved one? How about an EscapeIQ voucher? People already have loads of neck-ties and purses. Surprise them with something truly unique and mesmerizing. Our vouchers make excellent gifts – they deliver mind-blowing experiences that your friends will thank you for!


Corporate team building

Team Escape Room Game

EscapeIQ offers the ultimate real life escape the room experience. Participants are trapped inside the room entertainment to find clues and navigate through puzzles to break free in 60 minutes.

Get started too today and strengthen your team in a fun and memorable way!


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